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Bird sound recordings: Alder Flycatcher

Alder Flycatcher by Alan Schmierer via CCO 1.0

Alder Flycatcher (Empidonax alnorum)


rreee-BEEP, or free-beer!, or Free-BEE-ah


Song Description:

A 2- or 3-syllable phrase (some mnemonics suggest 2, others 3) sung repeatedly.  As described by Pieplow, the 1st syllable is buzzy and upslurred, the 2nd syllable, highest and loudest, and the 3rd is low and short.


Pwee, breer, dzeer, twitter, pip-pweer, pweew, and peep. (See Pieplow for examples of a number of calls)

Sound Recordings

Common NameRatingML Cat#Recordist
Alder Flycatcher4.591362201Sebastianelli
Alder Flycatcher3107795101Gooch
Alder Flycatcher3104822221Kazdan
Alder Flycatcher3104921021Green
Alder Flycatcher3104703761Green
Alder Flycatcher3104703321Green
Alder Flycatcher3186082441Sebastianelli
Alder Flycatcher3186082421Sebastianelli
Alder Flycatcher3185773771Sebastianelli
Alder Flycatcher2165604461Sebastianelli
Alder Flycatcher2186082381Sebastianelli
Alder Flycatcher2186415351Sebastianelli
Alder Flycatcher2104708111Gooch
Alder Flycatcher2104921041Green
Alder Flycatcher2104921031Green


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