A spectrogram of CAW and RATTLE calls of an American Crow.

The “CAW” calls of American Crow are highly variable and yet familiar to many people. Perhaps less known is that American Crows also make many other sounds including rasps, rattles, gurgles, groans, and musical sounds. In this recording, near a nest on the campus of Schoodic Institute, not far from Rockefeller Hall, you will hear an American Crow giving its more common “CAW” call, but also 8 “RATTLE” calls, as well as a couple of softer musical phrases.

To remind you where you “are” on this day in early July (the morning of the 6th, 2019 at 6:25am) you will also hear the surf in Arey Cove, as it was high tide and the waves were crashing on the rocky shores of the Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park.

To hear more of this field recording session which includes other adult American Crows cawing, and nestlings making raspy begging calls click here and here. An extensive recording of adults feeding the nestlings was made the following day as well, and can be heard here.

Wonder how the young sound as they get a little older? In this recording of an American Crow family along the Lower Harbor Trail, you can hear 2 immature and 3 adult American Crows communicating among themselves as they forage in the rockweed at low tide and perch in bordering trees.