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Bird Sounds of Acadia

Bird sound recordings

From June 2017 (when the project first began) thru June 2020, about 600 bird sound recordings from the Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park, representing near 60 species, have been captured, and to-date half have been uploaded to the  Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. (We expect to catch-up on processing and uploading this fall.) In subsequent years, we hope to begin to fill gaps in our bird sound “collection.” In time, it is our expectation to extend the project to the whole of Acadia National Park.

The importance of contributing our bird sound recordings to the Macaulay Library, specifically, as opposed to creating our own private collection, is multi-fold. First, the Macaulay Library holds nearly 550,000 bird sound recordings from around the world. More importantly, their mission “is to facilitate the ability of others to collect and preserve such recordings and to actively promote the use of these recordings for diverse purposes spanning scientific research, education, conservation, and the arts.”  Adding our recordings to the Macaulay Library makes our project bigger than itself alone, and longer lasting than staff or volunteers involved in our project, or this blog site, etc. In addition, uploading our recordings to the Macaulay Library serves as a “cloud” backup for our field recordings, and allows us to easily share them with others (and with spectrograms which are important for analysis).

Look on the list of our recordings below (arranged in alpha order by the species common name) and click on the link to the Macaulay Library Catalogue number (ML#) which will take you to the recording where you can listen, see a spectrogram, and learn more details about each recording.

Please note: The recordings are near-original copies, meaning they are minimally filtered, and trimmed and normalized according to best practices. Not always “pretty” but real.

Additional Bird Recordings

Alder Flycatcher | American Crow | American Goldfinch | American Redstart | Belted Kingfisher | Black-and-white Warbler | Black-capped Chickadee | Black-throated Green Warbler | Blackburnian Warbler | Blue Jay | Blue-headed Vireo | Broad-winged Hawk | Brown Thrasher | Canada Goose | Cedar Waxwing | Chipping Sparrow | Common Nighthawk | Common Raven | Common Yellowthroat | Dark-eyed Junco | Downy Woodpecker | Eastern Phoebe | Eastern Wood-Pewee | Golden-crowned Kinglet | Gray Catbird | Hairy Woodpecker | Hermit Thrush | Herring Gull | Lincoln’s Sparrow | Magnolia Warbler | Northern Flicker | Northern Parula | Northern Saw-whet Owl | Osprey | Ovenbird | Purple Finch | Red Crossbill (type 10) | Red-breasted Nuthatch | Red-eyed Vireo | Red-winged Blackbird | Ruffed Grouse | Savannah Sparrow | Song Sparrow | Swainson’s Thrush | Swamp Sparrow | White-throated Sparrow | Winter Wren | Wood Duck | Yellow Warbler | Yellow-bellied Flycatcher | Yellow-rumped Warbler

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