Groundhog chatter and alarm call

While I focus on recording bird sounds in the field, there are certainly other beings that I come across while wandering in the Schoodic region. In honor of groundhogs today, I share this recording of a groundhog in Northern Corea Heath on July 9th, 2019.

In the recording above, you will first hear chattering squeep-like sounds. Seconds later the groundhog is heard scurrying for cover while simultaneously giving a sharp up-slurred whistle followed by more chattering.

a sonogram of the whistle and chatter

The groundhog was startled when I stumbled upon it while I was field recording, but it came back out of cover fairly quickly. We then engaged in a bit of mutual starring. S/he even allowed time enough for me to remove my iPhone from a zippered pocket, turn it on (Gads, yes! I keep my phone shut off while recording due to electronic interference), and eventually shoot a little video (below)! And then we both moved on; me, a little happier for the encounter. That was my favorite #GroundhogDay.