If you’ve seen this blog, you know that each June for the past 4 years, I have recorded bird sounds in Acadia National Park, mostly on the Schoodic Peninsula. My primary objective when I am out and about, naturally, is audio recording, but there are times when I am simply compelled to drop the microphone and take in the moment more visually. These six videos demonstrate a few of those occasions from June of 2020.

#1 Light sparkling off the sea in Arey Cove thru the woods. Bonus: as I captured the light, an American Crow flew into the woods!

#2 Sunrise at Arey Cove.

#3 Morning mist rising off a pond near Buck’s Harbor.

#4 Rolling waves in Frenchman Bay on rocks along Sundew Trail.

#5 Wall of fog off Buck’s Cove.

#6 A Snowshoe hare contemplates flight.